Saturday, April 26, 2014

Canada out of the earthquake biz


Esquimalt Coun. Dave Hodgins said the earthquake highlighted a lack of preparedness in B.C.

“All of the information was coming from the U.S. or social media,” he said, noting a lack of updates from the provincial and federal governments.

“It was like no one was home,” said Hodgins, who helped establish Emergency Management B.C. in 2006. “It’s become an embarrassment. I’m shocked.”

John Cassidy is now with Victoria.  There has been no response from the Feds earthquake group.  I think they've all retired.  They were muzzled and starved to death, so moving on is a blessing.  :)

So, all you people, you won't have a nag like Dr. Lucy Jones any more.  Really, does John want to do this dirty job?  I don't really care that much about BC, and there have been no official nags in Ontario for a long time, except for me, and I swing with my moods.  :)

You're on your own, Canada.  Ha!

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