Saturday, April 5, 2014

M4.2 earthquake Oklahoma

This is right where the other 4's have happened.  It will be strike-slip.  They seem to be offset, so they are marching down a fault.  These are secondary to the main mechanism, and all they do is shed stress to the main shear wing, which will respond in kind.  Eventually, this sheds stress to the thrust, where I am expecting a large earthquake.

My correspondent, right in the heart of things, says he is sick of them.  :)  Right now the earthquake insurance is under-priced by a factor of 10.  Get some!

There is some action on regulating these wells, but it looks very minimal.  If you look at a map of injection wells, it's totally plastered.

Update:  As usual, immediately thrown down to a 3.8, but they kept the focal plane solution.  A very strong thrust component aimed for the city.  The quakes are marching towards the transform fault, and this one has more thrust than the others.  Could this be the place for my M5 thrust?

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