Sunday, October 6, 2013

Things to do for New Madrid

This is a list of things to do to test my New Madrid hypothesis.  Unfortunately, we can never expect the USGS to have any money again, since everybody is so convinced on tying hungry mothers with rich farm corporation give-aways.

Broad reflection seismic

This is what Canada has been doing for years.  It uses surplus oil company vibrator trucks and makes transects.  You can see the Megathrusts.  The US ignores it, as well as the Bruce Nuclear black hole.  A study like this would prove the megathrusts extend all the way down past New Madrid.

Injection to deliberately cause earthquakes

This would be fun!  I propose an injection site on the other side of the New Madrid zone, from Arkansas.  The hypothesis would be confirmed if you got a symmetric result.  As well, they should set up injection right into the heart of New Madrid, and show that there is no effect.  It would take a brave person to do that!

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