Monday, October 21, 2013

Britain goes for new nuclear reactors


This is about $30 billion for two 1600 MW plants.  These are evolved PWR's that run with 5% enriched fuel.  The design can be considered a million times safer than an old Japanese boiling water reactor with backup generators in the basement.

The Europeans are totally botching their new plants, but I think it is problems with cheesy French concrete.  The Chinese know how to build a reactor.

Obviously, Ontario is now committed 100% to fracking gas, but if that choice proves to be problematic by giant earthquakes, then we can go this route only if we fire everybody in OPG and poach Chinese engineers.  :)   That will never happen, and so we are happily spending our billions on our own engineering disasters.

ps.  Hey the gov't says it's going to be open about all this overspending crap.  Go Niagara Tunnel!

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