Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bruce Black Hole Goes to Jury

Well, the hearings are over, and I am happy to say that not one objection that I have, ever got into the hearings!  That means I am a total non-entity, which is a happy place.  :)

Since grout and pumping was never mentioned, they have full license to pump an infinite amount of grout in, and pump out an infinite amount of rock water.  There will be no problem in disposing of the water, since they only need to dig a 'holding pond', down to the karst, and the water will magically stay the same level, no matter how much water they pump in, and since they don't have to report, who says they are pumping any water at all??

Will the thing get approved?  Darn right!  There are no provisions in the panel money for a negative result.  In other words, the panel is being paid just enough to wrap it up.  As usual, they will approve it with some hard questions to save face.  But who is looking at the answers?  The panel will be down south, drinking smoothies.

Even with everything going for them, they won't be able to get down 50 feet.  They are ignoring the geology, just like the Niagara Tunnel.  But I'm rooting for them!  Like every geological disaster these guys stumble into, I will learn a lot.  They'll never learn anything, since they make a lot more money this way.

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