Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Death of a Happy Valley

I took many pictures of this valley, but it had a deadly secret.

Here is an aerial shot.

That piece of concrete on the top picture is the erosion shield of an old inadequate sewer of vital service.  It was apparently perforated, and large sections were exposed to the river.  Had the valley not being so beautiful, I'm sure it would have been ripped out and replaced by now.

The Big Flood created the crisis.  People's basements flooded, and I'm sure the pipe was nearly broken in two.  I haven't gone to the valley for a long time, since the old dog got sick.  Now I am told that they bulldozed in a big road and are tackling the sewer.  They may even try to 'engineer' the creek since that Queenston shale erodes like toilet paper.

Ode to the trees -  I think I shall never see, a sewer as beautiful as a tree.

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