Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Montreal earthquake - Post-Italy Seismology


So, the general question is that they've been hit by two teeny earthquakes in a row, so should they be concerned?  They went to a gov't seismoologist and got an answer.  I haven't listened to it, since that would restrain my wild imagination.  :)

What not to say post-Italy -  There is no concern whatsoever!  Continue to dance on your crumbling bridges, sleep in brick houses on swamps.

Now, we all know if they say that, there is going to be a big earthquake tomorrow where lots of people get killed.

The Proper Answer -   There is always a concern for a large earthquake under most cities.  The chance is somewhat remote, and these small earthquakes don't change it a bit.  The ability to 'take a hit' depends on the general seismic capacity of the city, which can be improved by long-term planning.

The most likely answer, post-Harperization:   I can't say anything.

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