Sunday, November 11, 2012

A seismic study of injection earthquakes


But however one views it, Frohlich said, industry and government officials need to take the issue of man-made earthquakes seriously as drilling spreads across the country to more densely populated areas.

They a seismic study around the airport in Dallas, which caused the injection wells to be closed down.  This is a good article, and I'm glad that scientists are putting some money along the lines I have been pushing for some time now.  As you know, it is a curse to be ahead of your time...  :(

They are now up to the position that high-volume injection into a fault causes the earthquakes.  They don't mention that the only place for earthquakes is the Precambrian, for then it would follow it is a Precambrian fault, and they have ignored the basement for years.  The injectors then state they can avoid these areas because of seismic imaging.  Are they imaging the basement?

I am pushing that the latest Kentucky quakes are a result of deep injection.  Either they are high-volume injecting directly into the mega-thrust, or their massive injection into the Cambrian is finally leaking.  I fully expect some bigger quakes before they shut down.

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