Friday, November 16, 2012

M6.8 earthquake Kuril Islands

This is an 'every day' earthquake for this part of town.  However, I was just noting this morning that the whole Pacific Rim is aflame with dots this season, and there was this big gap that wasn't joining the party.  Now the gap is filled, and the circle is complete.

This time of year, I've noted that some pundits are wondering whether we've had a busier year than most, earthquake-wise.  This is usually a useless question, but it is always bashed around.  Just like warming cycles, nothing stays fixed to the average, so some years will always be worse than others.  But how do you measure it?  Total seismic energy?  Number of events over M5?  People killed?  You can't, so the question leaves the scientific sphere and enters philosophy (and maybe religion).

Update:  Demoted to an M6.4!

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