Monday, November 26, 2012

Linux - Canon 2Ti video conversion

This is one fantastic camera but the video has proven to be a pain, and I have looked forever to find a way to deal with it.  First, the default is 1080p at 30 f/s.  Do not use this!  It looks sad when converted, since movies can get away with this frame rate, but not videos.  Go down a notch to 720p at 60 f/s.

The camera uses a super-compressed x264 thing that is difficult to play on anything low-powered.  I followed the instructions here, and converted to avi.  Then I use avidemux for trimming and still extraction.  It is good to have 6 processors humming away to convert these things!

Update:  the bit rate from the camera is a ridiculous 50,000k!  You can't play it on your average set-top.  Go to 5-10,000 k.

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