Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tunnel Talk Talks to Me

Well, they are probably the only ones with enough brains to do a spread on the Niagara Tunnel. All they need to find is another rock mechanics expert to review the pictures. I've never found one who blabs like I do, but maybe they can. Trouble is, if you blab, you lose credibility and income, by definition. To paraphrase: "I'm not going to join any club, who will have me as a member, and I'm not going to believe any expert who tells me anything."


Harold Asmis said...

OMG! Today's the day they try to interview the Tunnel Stonewallers. A moment of silence, please, since they are going to splat against the Cone of Silence. :)

Harbles said...

At least they are trying. For improving the global database if no other reason.

Harold Asmis said...

Yes, they are making a noble effort! I am happy that someone cares, and maybe rock mechanics will come into fashion again. :)