Friday, November 6, 2009

No Physics for Earthquakes


Big earthquake news while I was away. More crapxxxx news that all our existing seismic zones in ENA are locked up and dying. New earthquakes will either never come, or suddenly show up in unfractured, quiet rock. This is a very old hypothesis, related to the 'mountain paradox', which means that New Madrid can't exist, and bumblebees can't fly*, because there are no mountain ranges around the fault zone. OK, leave out the bumblebees.

I rejected that hypothesis a long time ago, because these zones do exist, and they've existed for a heck of a long time. Otherwise, we'd have zones all over the place! Think of the seismic rates, and the need to have virgin territory all the time.

To have these zones exist, in the bumblebee-flying sense, you need some new physics, new mechanisms, and a way to eliminate the stress-lock problem.

*it is my memory that the existing physics could not explain the flight of the bumblebee, until they discovered micro-vortices.

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