Friday, November 6, 2009

Niagara Tunnel Taking a Rest

On November 1st 2009

Scheduled maintenance of TBM is in progress
The Invert Concrete Bridge is 2,640 meters (8,661 feet)

On September 11th 2009

The tunnel is 5418 meters (17,775 feet) long
Over-break is 3.5 meters (9.8 feet)
average 5-7 meters per day
elevation below surface 89 meters (294.5 feet)

mining halted following a fall of ground at 3,600 meters
pending debris clearing and repairs to the effected area
as well as a scheduled six week shut down for maintenance of the TBM
mining has been delayed

Sorry everybody. I had assumed the reason we weren't hearing anything was the result of some evil squelching of the news. But, brand new on the site, they are telling us that everything has stopped for maintenance. Whew!


Harbles said...

The sarcasm it burns.

Harold Asmis said...

Here's the straight version:

After being harangued by Geofish for buttoning up, they have released a statement that the TBM has come to a complete halt. The official word is that this is a scheduled maintenance break, and we must accept that.