Monday, November 23, 2009

Albania and Ontario


As you can see, my favourite new site is TunnelTalk. It is the future of journalism. Conventional journalism is being flushed down the toilet. The media outlets are all closing, Kady O'Malley, who I just pant over, with her silver Blackberry fingers, (such a blur! swoon...), has been kicked out of bankrupt Rogers. Maybe CBC is the last bastion, but who knows how long that will last?


So, how will the middle son earn a living? The future will be micro-niche sites, that earn money from advertising. Really, where can Robbins spend their ad money anyway? TunnelTalk looks like it is run by two smart ladies that got kicked out of the local television news, which is dead. They own this niche!

This article looks at a big Albanian tunnel fiasco. To summarize: corrupt or incompetent government (who can tell which?) interferes directly with a technical project, and pushes it to be completed in a very short time. Not much investigative work is done, and rock is assumed to be good. In fact, it turns out to be very bad.

They find a willing contractor who hits the tunnel from 4 faces simultaneously. Temporary lining collapses, perhaps from an unseen borehole. They make it difficult for reporters to talk to them.

In this case, it would have been best to proceed with a pilot tunnel, to check the rock conditions, and perhaps do some grouting, or packing with sacrificial rockbolts.

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