Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sitting on the Dock Fishing

We had another 2 days of summer, but that looks like that's all she wrote. At least the polar bears are happy, and the Gories will eventually have to find another way to make money.

In the evening I always take Cindy the Wonderdog down to the dock for some fishing. It's not a complicated affair. I take one worm and my rod, and my fishing pack. We fish mostly for rock bass, which are a pest in the lake. I catch them and throw them on the dock, and Cindy snaps at them while they are flapping. Somehow she grabs them without spiking herself, and takes them up. Most of the time they get out of her mouth, and fall back into the lake, but I think she chomps them pretty hard.

Well yesterday, the whole place was swarming with young largemouth bass. We could see them from the dock. I kept pulling up bass and letting them go. I even got a fairly large one. The ones I catch are not the local dock fish. The ones under the dock are huge and old friends. They always wait until I give up fishing and dump the rest of the worm in the water. They can usually tell by the brass swivel I use when I'm lazy.

Once in a while I fool them. I take off the swivel and tie the hook directly onto the monofiliament. Then I thread the worm on to hide the hook. I put the drag on light, and hook the big one! That's fun!

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