Friday, August 14, 2009

Singing Hot, Hot, Hot.

Today we started the first heat wave of the summer, and I'm going to the cottage. Yeah! Now we see the reason for having one! I had relatives from Germany fly in today, and their weather has been worse than ours! So they weren't too used to our heat.

So the dilemma was when to start the air conditioning. I normally cool down overnight, using baseload, and set the temp. fairly warm so it starts in the evening, but today I wanted it to start earlier. I looked at the demand curve, and saw it tapering off at 4:00 pm, and that's when I started.

I was thinking of those stupid city power cutoffs where they give you $50 to lose all your freedom. That means you can't turn on your air conditioning until a bureaucrat says you can. I had enough of bureaucrats all my life!


Silver Fox said...

Because we probably have the smallest AC unit in the world, and because our landlady/&lord have seen fit not to put any insulation in this very old house, in summer we run the AC almost all the time. I do try to cool everything off in the morning - if it's below 60F outside - by opening certain doors and windows. Sometimes I can gain a few degrees of coolness before the solar heating of roof and walls takes over.

If bureaucrats were telling me when to use AC, there would be no hope.

Harbles said...

For the 1st time this season I put my little 5000 btu AC unit in the window of my apartment and fired it up. And I have to pay $200 a season extra the landlord. Not much incentive for conserving power there.

Meanwhile I have been thinking about this whole cloud computing thing and how the cheap web book computers running online apps like Google Docs and Reader etc, Microsoft is on the bandwagon with Office in the cloud, etc is the big thing.

And I saw this item on how Google just won a Patent for a floating Data centers, with wave power generators and seawater to freshwater heat exchangers for cooling.

What could possibly go wrong?