Monday, August 24, 2009

Pickling Vinegar

So, we had a season or two of the pesticide ban, and the lawn at the old manor house is starting to look shabby. I used to just pour on the Agent Orange, and watch her smoke! I never fertilized, so I didn't have grubs.

Now, lots of things have happened. My neighbour's infestation of funny leaves has continued to jump my fence, like an invasion of Orcs from the Evil Dark. This summer, because of the rain, I have grubs eating the soul of my front yard. I needed a weapon!

Yeah for Pickling Vinegar! This isn't your average french fries vinegar, this hurts you when get sprayed with it. I mix a spray jar with a dollop of liquid Tide, and I'm ready! It kills anything!

I might be going a bit nuts with it, the neighbours are asking about the crop circles in my grass, but it is working. First I killed off a fire break around my grubs. Scorched Earth, Baby! Then I have discovered that light sprays on weed infested zones may selectively kill the weeds, and just brown the grass. I hope the grass comes back! Anyway, it must be better than the Roundup I used to use, where nothing ever grew back. I'll reseed the dead zones in the fall.

A full blast kills the weeds in the driveway stone work. I AM INVINCIBLE!

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