Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feeds Suck Out My Brain

I was contacted by a Feed Mill, and I wrote a little blurb for them. This was supposed to drive more traffic to my site, and hopefully I get more Google Doogles! But I have a sneaky feeling these automatic sites just suck out my brain and put on their own advertising, and no wine for me! How else can they live?

I don't know if anybody has an opinion whether these things are Parasitic Blood-Sucking Vampires, or whether they provide a good service. I'm 'dying' to know.

ps. those that have read me long enough know that if I don't get enough Google Snoogles (from ad clicking), I tend to grab my football and go home. This is probably the only way that authors will be able to get revenue in the future, or else I can't see anybody bothering to write.


Harbles said...

Adds look same 2 me.
Can u post link or 'splain more what is 'feed mill' and how is ur adds different now than before?

Oy! wait on...

This add looks a little dodgy. Asking for a e-mail address before going to next page.

Before it was one of these 'draw caricature of yourself' which who knows what that's about.

I haven't watched this but it may be pertinent.

Harbles said...

Also this Windows Company. Sounds dodgy. Goes to a video from some kewl guy in LA( PC-Hook-up on Justin.tv)!Most lame. And there are poker pop ups on the page and I have pop ups blocked.

Harold Asmis said...



Silver Fox said...

My blog is already on feedmil.com, as are a number of the other geoblogoshpere blogs. (I didn't join, and they haven't contacted me.) I can't find any info online about how it affects your click-through rate - it is designed to get people to subscribe through a reader or something. Not everyone subscribing will click-through. What I don't like about this particular feed agglomerator (rss search site is what it says it is), is that they use the full feed on their site rather than the summary feed. Theoretically, then, one could just read blogs at the feedmil site, rather than subscribing.

I think there is a way to add addsense to your feed, through feedburner, but am not sure of that.

You'll have to watch your site traffic and see if it increases. I've never gotten a hit directly from the site (that I've noticed), but could have subscribers that found me through them. I rated both our sites with 4 stars, since there weren't any ratings.

Harold Asmis said...

Thanks, I don't know what they do to the blogosphere.