Monday, August 31, 2009

Long Drought

Sorry, there's nothing to write about, and nothing coming in on my ad revenue, so I tend to descend this vicious circle -- why should I write if nobody's interested? I think this will be a problem with all authors and creative people in the future. A person I know, who is an expert in Linux, sucks in all his movies and books from the air, and reads on his Sony bookreader. How's that going to play in the future? There is some hope for books, in that the libraries are getting together with Sony for a lending scheme.

This week we're starting to load the kids for university. I was just at Kingston, where #2 son has a teensy-weensy room in a teeny-weeny house. We filled it up. He's a writer, I wonder how he'll make his money, certainly all the newspapers will be gone by then. :)

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