Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot Water Tank

My 'Livclean' thread has gone on 'forever'. Now they are moving into Ottawa, and my first thought is "OMG Earthquakes!". But it's probably not any worse than Hamilton.

But what sparked this was the sudden disappearance of our water pressure in Toronto. Right now I only get a dribble upstairs, but more downstairs. Most likely a pumping station just blew up, and we'll never hear about it on the news. Well I thought, I always have the emergency water in my hot water tank!

So are these tanks good or bad on earthquake-jello Leda Clay in Ottawa? Do they require extra bracing? My immediate thought for some of these houses is to take down the chimney, and put in a tankless hot water heater, but I think that requires a chimney! A high-efficiency tank doesn't need a chimney, but what is the value of a house without a chimney? If you make people aware of earthquakes, down goes the property values, and that's why no city every pays any attention to the issue.

So, I sit here, waiting for my water pressure to go back up, and not wanting to go to the little boy's room. :)


Harbles said...

Well, we're doomed.
You inspired me to search out our Federal Government Natural Resources earthquake preparedness page which has a link to a emergency preparedness guide that contains a link to a risk assessment page that is... broken. A 2009 document.
Not encouraging.

BTW do you tweet?

Harold Asmis said...

OMG! I signed up for that, and then I got a thousand messages from people who were dumber than Aster Churcher! I quickly got off it. Also I don't have the most modern of cell phones, it's difficult to dial out text! :)

Harbles said...

Good Nova tonight Earthquakes in the midwest.