Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Help Required for Mississauga & Toronto Transit

We've got the engineer nephew staying with us for a while, and he finally got a co-op job, which this year is quite an accomplishment. But the job is way over in Miss. and right now it takes him 2.5 hours each way!

So, is there any way to cut the time? Trouble is that you might have to combine GO, TTC, and Miss. Transit, and there's no Google program to do that.


Harbles said...


Why is public transit in the GTA so messed up?

This looks like a helpful site.
Govt of Ont. eh..It don't work.
A patchwork of different transit systems that do not play well with others.
This is a job for Smithers!

Monadoh said...

Try the GO transit web site as it gives at least some info about connections. Also, if you're getting off GO, there's often a discount for the city transit.

As we speak, a smart card system connecting all the local transit agencies is being rolled out, but fitting it onto dozens of bus types and hundreds of buses takes a while.