Monday, July 6, 2009

Slow Week - July 6

I'm actually skimming the news each day, but there's nothing of great interest. Had a nice cottage weekend at the bro-in-law, and we had one day of sunshine! Yeah! First in a week! We let off a big Costco box of fireworks, off the dock. We were in competition with a neighbour 2 docks down. First they would shoot, and we all cheered, then we would come up with something. We had the bigger box, so we won!

This is 'pick your courses' week for the university kids. Daughter had to learn that if you want a popular course, you have to zoom right at the minute! "Nobody told me!" she wailed.

We lent our GPS to our old neighbours for the weekend. They had to go to Ohio, and I could set everything up so that it talked to them, and they didn't have to touch it. "What an amazing thing!", they told me.

I am reading voraciously with my Sony bookreader. They did a great job designing it, and it's too bad nobody knows about it. Such a sad company...

And, of course, Asus keeps screwing up on my warranty process, but it's summer, and what the hey...


Harbles said...

Is not Kindle?
Google books and Amazon enemies?

Harold Asmis said...

It just uses straight pdf. I get books from somewhere.