Friday, July 10, 2009

Canada to be Squeezed Out of Isotopes


If there was anything to the Avro Arrow mess, it was that Canada can't afford that sort of thing. The whole Chalk River site was made with US bomb money, and they have been milking that out for years. We rely on their charity for the bomb-grade uranium. Really, we're over our heads, here.

Now, they might try and make the stuff themselves, by inventing a totally new process. Personally, I don't see them doing it, but they'll think they can, thus sucking money out of Chalk River. Personally, I'm happy to see it shut down, since I think it's a deck of cards on a Seismic Cesspit, but that's just me.


Harbles said...

I don't think they are inventing it as LEU is already used elsewhere.
The question is why Canada has been subsidizing the operation for so long? No wonder few other countries are producing Moly-99 if we are willing to absorb the costs and pollution here.
Technology will change the situation but it will take time to get the accellerators built and installed in hospitals.

Harbles said...

Maple. Maple Maple

The one who cannot be named but is habitually late for photo ops does not have it within him to admit a mistake so there is no way he will allow AECL to go back and fix it even though there seems to be credible evidence that it is possible.