Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rain Fishing

It really did clear somewhat more this weekend than most. Friday was flat cloud, and allowed water tubing. Saturday was lovely. We hiked up to The Hole, and caught some nice fish. I only kept one, a really big largemouth, which was probably one of the biggest I've caught. I saw them splashing on the surface, so I though lures would work, but it was deep worms again that worked.

The rain held off until after I could bbq it on a cedar plank. Yummm. Sunday morning looked nice, but it only lasted a couple hours. Once again we were chased out early by the rain. Cindy the wonder dog went nuts the first day. I walked up and saw her bounding down the hill, chasing a young fat forest groundhog at unbelievable speed! Then she grabbed in her jaws, but it was as big as her, and just jiggled out. Then they pared off snarling at each other, and I could finally grab her while the groundhog ran away. Later we heard her barking in the rocks, and finally went to see what's up. There she was, stuck in a crack in the rock! We looked in one way and saw her head. I had to climb over a brambly mess to look in the other way. This crack made a tunnel about 8 feet long, and was too narrow at the 'head end'. Naturally, I was yelling at the stupid dog to back up. She tried a few feet and stopped when her butt stuck a little. I could finally reach in and grab her tail. She was a trooper and still backed up. I could then grab her hind legs and pull them out, so things narrowed a lot. Finally, she popped out in a big cloud of dirt!

So, right after this, the neighbour found a beaver, and Cindy went off after it, swimming out trying to find it. Since she's 9 years old, she spent the next 2 days lying around, recovering.

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