Friday, July 3, 2009

Great Idea from Old Media


Ontario Power Generation operates 10 AECL units. They have expertise and workers who are skilled in keeping nuclear plants running -- and they have a better track record than AECL. Why not ask OPG to take a look at Chalk River and the MAPLE reactors?

My fingers are sealed! I wont' say anything!

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Harbles said...

Doh! No comments at the Sun. Silly reporter. AECL already has sought out advice from experts outside of Canada. A couple of DOE labs in the States looked at the plans and said they didn't know why the reactors were not testing the same as predictions either.
AECL staff recently testified to the Nat. Res. Committee that they thought they had an engineering fix that could be implemented in four months. Not good enough for the all knowing Harpinator who can predict the absence of earthquakes and apparently foresee the failure of engineering solutions.
So AECL is screwed but they had a lot of help from their political masters.