Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mama, Don't Take Your Kids to Toronto!

Back from another beer run and shopping trip to Montreal. As you know, the woman of my financial life does a lot of work there. The kids had a great time shopping for clothes. Seems to be nothing but sales, and anything on the deep discount rack is better than anything in Toronto, and at a very low price.

The hotels were full of kids doing athletic things at the pools and such. The streets at night were alive and non-stinky. All in all, think about diverting from swine-ish bubonic Toronto, and go to Montreal!

You know that nothing is going to be settled here soon. Nobody has died, and the union is starting to pump out 'standard formula' commercials.

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Harold Asmis said...

ps. went through Kingston on the way back. The whole place has been taken over by kids from the US deep south, all baptist bible campers! Wonderful kids,just like the simpsons!

That Wolf island wind farm is a monstrosity! Who could live there?