Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Return of a Blackberry

The other day I was walking home, after dumping the old van at the mechanic (full brakes - ouch!). In the middle of the road was a Blackberry, just about to be crunched by an SUV! I quickly snatched it up. I was not looking forward to calling all the numbers on the phone, in order to return it. Luckily, at our corner, there was our friendly crossing guard, and she offered to get it returned. She was already talking on it by the time I left.

Turns out it was a local neighbour, who was freaking out! Her 10 year old daughter took it out to play! All was well, when I thought of my Blackberry days, when I was worth something. I was forced to have a security code on it, so a stranger would be just faced with a blank screen, to enter the code. There is no way that phone could ever be returned! And who is going to put a label on it in this day and age? So primitive!

So, another suggestion to Mr. Blackberry, who has completely ignored my suggestion for One Blackberry Per Child. Have a security screen where you can put a 'Return Number', and allow a phone call to that number. This is soooo neat!


Anonymous said...

Apparently there already is such a feature on the Blackberry, but the owner has to actually input their information for it to be there.

Harold Asmis said...

I guess not many do.