Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Black Ops Hit Electrical System


And for today's bit of fun, since I got a few pennies today, I present our spy-riddled infrastructure. I have always contended that the last big NA blackout was caused by the presence of an MS worm. All the reports point to the nasty tree, but do say the computer systems failed to respond properly. Oh come on! If the computers were working, people would have figured it out quicker, and the tree would have been left to burn in peace.

Thus, all the supervisory computers for the electrical grid, and for the nuclear stations, all use crap MS. The actual working machines are all something from the 1970's, and probably nobody knows how to write viruses for DEC PDP-11's. But the main IT infrastructure for these companies is run by brain-dead MS zombies. I know, I ran into them all the time. Against the Chinese hackers, they don't have a chance!

My whole working life was fighting these yahoos. For a while, in nuclear development, we were the king of the hill, and had special needs beyond their imagination. I put in a big Sun system with all the internet goodies, including an NTP clock, they never heard of. When the big intellectual purge came, this was shut down, and all the bright guys left. We were all left doing analysis on systems for janitors. The supply guys had big parties with Compaq!


Harbles said...

I'm sure there is some level of threat but a look at the media frenzy gives me pause to wonder if this isn't like the code orange security alerts to keep everyone afraid and persuadable.

Harold Asmis said...

Probably. Stupidity is the greatest threat.