Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big Hunk of Rock Ready to Let Go


For some reason my writing muse is working again, even though nobody clicks ads any more. Still, I found this interesting, the concept of a giant landslide ready to go sploosh into the ocean and cause a local tsunami.


Harbles said...

I click on the ads. I wonder if it can tell if it's the same IP always clicking though.

I wonder if it might be feasible to knock the overhang off at a time of choice so suitable precautions re: evacuating affected populations could be taken. A small tactical nuc should.. er ...wait .. never mind.

Big doins on the wind turbine noise issue over at the CBC lately. They should just do the damn study already and have done with it.

Silver Fox said...

It's too bad the article doesn't show a photo! (did I miss it?)

Harbles said...

There's this pic from this little article . Another article here .
You should probably get a good look at it on Google Earth.

Harold Asmis said...

It's easy enough to throw a gps unit on it, and look at it with SAR.

Yeah for the windmills from Hell!

Yeah for clicking! I think they're choking me down, so more people have to click!