Monday, April 6, 2009

Italian Earthquake Damage


Sadly, there is probably nothing to learn from this earthquake. At M6.3 it is quite big for a central Italy earthquake. This report reviews an earlier earthquake that was only an M4.9. You can learn a little bit more from partial damage, than from total destruction.

I've seen all the movies about beautiful, quaint villages in Italy, and Greece. Sadly, they are all seismic death traps. So, if you really wanted to live there, what would you do? How could you build something that fit in, but would remain standing when the earthquake came?

How could you avoid the total corruption and inferior materials? The tremendous thickness of red tape? You'd probably want to go all steel, with a veneer of stucco to look quaint. I don't know how to make the roof fit in, and still have it work. The standard roof is horrendously heavy, and wants to fall in, if you look at it! I'd also put it on screw piles, since this terrain is a result of normal faulting, and is loose like a pile of marbles.

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