Wednesday, April 30, 2014

AECL Chalk River Gone


The move to a “government-owned contractor-operated” (GoCo) business model for Canada’s largest scientific research establishment is expected to strip almost all of the 2,850 Chalk River employees of their federal jobs, pension plan eligibility and other public service benefits.

This place was dead a long time ago.  Now it is being buried.  Raise a glass to its former glory!

Extra Thought:  My dream was always for a nuclear research park at Wesleyville.  There could be an express train to Toronto.  The nuclear waste would be stored down there, and the park could do exciting research like fusion or quantum stuff.  You could attract brains there.  Why should the area west of Toronto have all the fun?  Right now the whole East is an intellectual wasteland.


Andrew Zolnai said...

"Alas, Chalk River! I knew him, Haroldo; a plant of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy"
Used to drive by it en route from Kingston to Espanola (where I did field work for my thesis 30+ yrs ago) via North Bay

Anonymous said...

"Intellectual wasteland" , Hey I resemble that!
Peter with the Hummin lines
Wayne Ridley, Ken Straus, and I would/could meet you for a coffee/lunch on the way to your cabin?

Harold Asmis said...

Sure, we'll arrange it when I'm going up alone with the dog. Probably after blackfly season. :)