Friday, February 18, 2011

Livclean Posts Removed

Most read posts ever, but the whole hotwater tank situation has changed, so I have taken off this weird portion of my blog.  My hits are going way down!


Anonymous said...

Completely irrelevant to your post but so what...I never commented before because I thought I had to sign up for a Google account to do so. I know - I'm a techno-dummy...but you're not ! And you know geolody stuff which is cool.

Is shale-frakking dangerous ? What's up with New Madrid ? What's up with all the volcanoes ? Do you ice-fish ?

All I need to know about the Niagra Tunnel I learned from Ontario- geofish !


Get yourself some ads somehow. I don't care. I ignore them all anyways. But you deserve some revenue. I'd send you some except I don't have any !!!!!!!!!!!

Harold Asmis said...

Thank you for commenting! It is food to a poor little intellectual depressive. The ad revenue was important, since I could hold up my head to family. Now, it's just a dirty little addiction...

Like this Livclean, I never got any money for it. And my utube barrel sauna video got 10,000 hits, and I made a fortune for the company, but nothing. That's why I took it all down.

Now, I'm going back to seismic analysis, since these guys have been caught with their pants down. Geofish Clarified has some more on the Niagara Tunnel, since there won't be any more opportunity for posts.

I have posts for the other things.

Harold Asmis said...

Amazing, all the Livclean hotwater rentals have been turned over to Reliance.

Anonymous said...

Awww!! Shall miss your blog on LivClean.

Received the Reliance letter this week.