Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too Cheap for Nuclear Plants


Oh, now everybody is whining about the costs! What do you expect? These things are expensive, what with all the kickbacks, perks, envelopes, job creation, and what-not.

In the boom days, we would just say "What's another umpteen billion? It's all on the credit card!". Now, people are getting cold feet.

In old days, when we knew how to build them, a nuclear plant was just the ticket for a recession. You could even plaster on promises of 'light rail' and 'electric trains'. What the hell! Now, nobody's got the guts.

So, here's something else for 'Constructive Panic': NUCLEAR PLANTS WILL BANKRUPT US ALL!

Can you imagine McSquinty going against this tide? Looks like our nuclear plans are dead in the water.

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