Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Humber River - Another Big Hunk Goes Splash

I'm getting a huge increase in readership, but they are all cheapies, and don't click ads. I, therefore, conclude they are all my political enemies in opaque organizations.

(this message for them)

How-ya doing? Just because you can suck out my brains for free, doesn't mean you can do anything!

Anyway, this is getting exciting! Geotechnical engineering in action! Stuff to thrill the kiddies and scare the old ladies! Yesterday, there was this big hunk that I knew was going to fail in a day. It was being undermined by flowing water, and big rocks were rolling down the hill. I wish I had caught it in action.

There was still water seeping from the gash, and this might be it for a while. The other parts seem dryer. Still, Cindy the wonder dog, and I, will keep liveblogging (yeah, right) on this issue. As I was leaving, it looked like a very young engineer from the Conservation people was going to look at it. Poor guy, people must be all over him. And nothing he can do.

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