Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BSSA April 2009

I got my nice thick BSSA, which is the bulletin for the seismological society of america. It is the one journal I subscribe to. This time there wasn't anything that really interested me, but I shall give a tour of the pretty pictures.

Pretty Lake Tahoe
A lot of work going on here.

Very pretty boomer scans, which give a cross-section of the sediments.

Here they all are in a fence diagram.

Italian Earthquake Was Predicted!

Not really, but somebody was doing some work, showing this to be a real hot zone. Surprisingly, the area south of the recent earthquake was hotter. They did this all in PGA, which I think is blah.

These are the historic earthquakes.

And this is a hazard map,

Jiggly Taiwan

Here is some modeling of a soft, rounded mound that jiggles in earthquakes.
A bit too baywatchian for me.

And here's the point of maximum shaking.

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