Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Shape of Water

Yeah Ontario!  Get those Oscars!  I don't think I would watch it, seems too scary for me.  Anyway this about the shape of the Earth's water.

So, my faithful 10 readers know that our oceans are the main engine that has kept life alive for a couple of billion years.  Same mechanism, but plate tectonics keeps screwing it up.  If this mechanism is 1000 times more energetic than other things (say no more), then the 10 people who follow physics would make a brutal conclusion.  Thank goodness we have social physics!

So, we know that we are going into the cold side of a full 40 year temperature wave.  Although El Nino is noted for 7 year cycles, the real EN cycle is 20 years of lovely heat, and warm lake water at the cottage.

So, the North Pacific Current retreats, cooling the Arctic ocean and busting the Beaufort Gyre.  This sends a torrent of cold water over the North Pole and coming crashing down on the Gulf Stream.  Poor old Eurotown!

A mini ice age is part of a full 600 year cycle.  300 warm and 300 cold.  Each one of these could launch an ice advance.  This cycle is caused by the equatorial ocean currents moving down a notch.  Lucky for us we have isostatic rebound, which forces a 10,000 year cycle on ice advances.

If the land rebounds high enough, a deep mini ice age can leave snow all year round.  This is a true feedback cycle, since permanent snow is a big temperature downer.  And lucky for us, the oscillation has a counter force of sinking the land.

But what happens to the Southern Hemisphere during our cold cycles?  We have no geological history for the last few million years.  Lots of geology up north, with all the ice ages.  But a hint has come to me with the latest Cape Town drought.  I checked up temperature and rain since the 60's.  Cape Town has the same temp, but zooms up in rain, during the 70's and 80's.  So, an ice advance in the north, would sogify the south.  That's a lot of heat energy eventually radiating from Antarctica.  Probably tons of ice build-up.

ps. not infra-red radiation from the Deep South, but convection.  Sorry.


Peter Ravenscroft said...

Some of the best science going. Thanks, mate. Keep at it. They will get it eventually. If interested in my take along similar lines, ten years work, anyone, or better, phone Australia 617 3289 4470. PSR geologist, Oz.

Harold Asmis said...

Ahhhh! An Austrailian! Geologist, no less. The warmies will get me for this. :)

Peter Ravenscroft said...


Your life is in severe danger, talking to such graffiti.

A bit more.

El Ninos all coincide with total solar eclipses crossing the Pacific equator at year end, reverse for lunar eclipses and La Nina. So they are now totally predictable, out for centuries. Don’t believe me, check the past records.
Eclipses are just shadows but spring tides affect the metal ocean and the mantle rocks. Cannot lift the mantle, so expresses as heat. Barycentre - the axis the earth and the moon swing around, with help from the sun's gravity field, tracks top to bottom of the mantle, hence the mantle. Hence also climate change. Good news for farmers, but try telling the weather men?
Solar eclipse over northern India in June, barycentre up SW monsoon fails. Last failure, the Indian government denied it. Declare a failure, all grain must be sold in India at govt -fixed low prices. The farmers with critical votes objected.

Happy La Nina, all. Total lunar eclipse crosses the Pacific equator 31 January 2018. Two days off.
Peter Spencer Ravenscroft. 29 January 2018.

Geologist/social anthropologist/aging grump. Ravenswood Wildlife Sanctuary (Google it if interested) Closeburn, Queensland, Australia. Ph: 617 32894470 Email

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, not a speck of physics. I went through all the moon stuff with earthquakes. Nothing there. However, I have been happy to bury myself in with the nuts, so the real nasties ignore me. I don't 'align' myself with anybody, and I always bite the hand that feeds me, although nobody feeds me any more. My biggest horror is to suddenly be believed by the same crowd that believes the warmies. As such, good luck with moon and sun theories, I'm not in a position to crush them. :)