Monday, January 8, 2018

Beaufort Gyre Collapses, Arctic Current Intensifies

Yeah, this headline is major tabloid material.  The Beaufort Gyre (bg) is a major Arctic Ocean feature.  It is activated during the warm cycle, and typically lasts the normal 7 year El Nino cycle.  It is driven by the strong Pacific wet air plumes, generated by the North Pacific current.  Nobody really knows this because there is no physics.

Since the warmies killed all the physics, they can claim these things don't exist.  However, if it did exist, then it has collapsed.  The bg stores a huge amount of 'fresher' water from the melting ice that got all the polar bears upset.  The melt has stopped now, and the dam has busted.

There is only one place where the dam can spill, and you see it here.  This is intensifying rapidly with my feeble observations by my feeble eyes.  It is decimating the Gulf Stream, and there is no reason why it has to hug Greenland.  I expect it to break away soon and come straight down.

This beautiful current is both cause and effect of the cold cycle.  This an alert of an ice advance.  Should it be a real Ice Age, then run to Australia.  However, my physics tells me not to worry.  :)

The sea temperature chart shows that the phallic protrusion of the Gulf Stream is retreating rapidly, under the assault of the Arctic water (shrinkage).  Soon, that whole zone will be cold, and unable to give the UK its much-need warm whoopee.  They'll all be cold and alone in their beds.  :)

ps.  30 years ago, I remember the last physics guy uttering from his academic death bed "It's all ocean currents".  I carry on his spirit.

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