Tuesday, January 16, 2018

An Inconvenient Ice Age

I've decided to give up on pushing basic physics.  It's too dangerous, and everybody wants blood these days.  Look at Ms. Atwood, who just wants due process.  Instead, I will just chart the coming ice age, and make extrapolations based on the direction of the chart, and my very thin line.

For the appearance of physics, instead of calling on something done in the 1800's, I will invoke the modern observation that carbon dioxide radiates heat in the upper stratosphere.  Thus, CO2 is both heating the planet and triggering the next ice age.

For evidence, I show my latest video, titled Inconvenient Ice.

You can see the positive feedback here.  Ice kills trees, which increases co2.  The world will become Baked Alaska, both hot and cold at the same time.

Everybody says a 13 month moving average is too short, and that temperature chart shows a sudden plunge.

Perhaps they are right.  I propose a chart of temperatures over the last 50 million years, with a 10,000 year moving average.  The chart shows temperatures going down the sewer.  However, we are warm in the summer, for a few weeks, at least.  Thus, this chart (which is too much work to do) shows both warm and cold.

Thus, the Ice Age dawns.  All due to carbon dioxide, which can be reduced by using rare earths which are horribly poisonous to mine.  You will experience heat stroke, and bad acne, as you look at the mile-high ice wall bearing down on you.

ps.  I am reminded of the old Westerns with a lynch mob and the lone sheriff.  Zucky's the guy selling signs with cute slogans, such as "Lynch Him", and "97% Consensus".  Googs is handing out flyers from rope sellers, and Bezzie's selling rocks.

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Well thank effin God, you're back at it.