Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A continuous drain of Pacific Heat -- also indicative of a cold decade

This is something new for me.  Don't forget that we've only had these great maps for the last few years.  Previous episodes remain mysterious.  Our minor 7 year El Nino cycles come from a build-up of heat energy (hot water) in the South Asia islands.  Then it breaks out.  I watched this whole cycle.

But what of the 20 year cycle?  I am predicting a cold 20 years, like the 70's and 80's, or even colder.  This picture is showing a continuous 'El Nino' leak.  The heat will never build up. 

This strong backwash was only visible during the last El Nino.  It never happened during the build-up.  In order to have a 20 year cold period, this will have to be constant. 

I also find amazing that the Pacific heat cycle affects the Atlantic Gulf Stream.  The cold Arctic is sending down a powerful current which is slicing up the GS.  Europe is warm now from Africa, but it won't last.

These are all new discoveries on my part.  I really wish some money was going into this, so we could get somebody smart with the courage to go against the warmies.  They are saying in the gard that globby warming means extreme cold as well.  :)  I'm waiting for my monthly charts.  The globbies can make up new stories for the next few years.  Trumpypants can gloat.  Everybody is happy.

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