Monday, January 1, 2018

Storm for UK gathers strength

This is fine physics for those who don't believe in it.  While the rest of us are freezing, Europe is relatively warm in a back-eddy up from the Mediterranean.  However, a strong storm is gathering strength over the last warm spot in the Northern Atlantic.

This shows the surface winds.  Note that they are different from the plot showing moist winds, or winds with all the heat energy.  This storm is not enough to fully circle the moist winds.

A storm vortex is perfect for sucking out the last heat from the cut-off Gulf Stream.  I expect that the last remnant past the cold Arctic current will be gone soon. 

With the sea temperature plot, you can see the last protrusion of warmth sticking out in the yellow of colder water.  I'm watching the yellow and it is slowly sinking.  This is the mechanism of a cold decade.  In North America, we have lost the North Pacific current, and Europe will lose the Gulf Stream.  All those Alpine glaciers will come back.

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