Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Physics of the Great Bomb Cyclone

The hot wet air is starting to curl at Florida.  This is the start of the bomb cyclone.

You have to look closely on the east coast, but you see a trench of warm water.  The storm is forced to follow this (barring strong deflection forces).  As it sucks up this heat, it will go into an intense pressure drop.  God knows what happens it runs out of warm water.  Feeding bears is fine, until you stop.

These intense vortex-vacuums can probably suck up heat energy at ten times the normal rate.  Too bad there's no physics on this.  I can imagine the forces as it goes up the track.  The Gulf Stream should recover, but it will be colder for poor Britain.

ps.  This shows the winds nicely, and you can why it is called a nor-easter, right now it's just an 'easter'. 

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