Monday, February 8, 2016

Ooma working totally for me

I have completed my ooma-ization.  I have my old number back with no more calls from India.  It got so bad that we never answered our phone.  Now we can answer it, for calls from our friends and family.

Bell didn't screw up my Internet, I now have a 'dry loop', no extra effort needed.

Here's the recipe.  Click on this reference.  This gives me Ooma credit, which I'll probably never use.  :)

Make sure you have decent Internet.  Do a DSLreports speed test.  Make sure you don't have too much bufferbloat.  I have 30 ms download, but up to 400 upload and everything works.  If you have the old black modem from Bell, do everything you can to get the white one.  Get a fast tp-link router that runs openwrt, or any super fast router.

Receive the unit, and set it up.  Plug in any old phone in the phone jack.  Don't buy their handset.  My cheap vtech wireless set does everything.  Phone lots of people.  When you are convinced that it is perfect, start the port of your landline number.  Don't do anything with Bell.  When you get the email that the number is being ported in a few days, don't answer your phone.  That will the Bell killer ladies offering you a half price on services that you will get with Ooma.  It is rude to laugh at them.

When everything is ported, celebrate with cheap wine, which you can now afford.

For extra savings, turn your cell phone into a cell tab, and use Ooma app.  But you have to give up standard texting, and use google hangouts.  You can still call out 911 on the regular cell phone if there is an earthquake.

ps.  Yeah, I answered the phone today.  It was a wrong number.  Haven't answered the phone since the election.  :)

pps.  Yesterday a telemarketer got through, from a big bank.  I was so happy to put them on the community blacklist.  Yeah!

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