Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Linux - the Xiaomi Miwifi mini router with openwrt

OMG!  This is the cheapest ac router in the world.  Naturally, I didn't want to use it as a router, but just an access point.  The firmware it comes with is in all Chinese, and I wanted to put in openwrt.  This is not a project for you!  It was not a project for me!

In the end I got it working with the latest openwrt image.  It has a lot of power and full ac.  But I don't how I got it working.  It was 2 days of almost full time effort.  All the company firmware is in Chinese, so there are videos on how to get through to change the ip number.  Once you get it on the main system, then you can use Google Translate.  Then it's endless sites for hints on how to put in openwrt.  Amazing!

Anyway, all these old posts listed problems with the radio and the power.  I can say that this has now been solved.  I feel like doing it all over again, just so I write down clear instructions .... naah!

Unless you absolutely love this torture, stay away!  I loved it!  :)

ps.  I think I'll buy another one.  It would make a great bridge for an old laptop to this access point.  :)  That will force me to start all over again.

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