Monday, June 23, 2014

Oklahoma earthquake summary

Lots of earthquakes recently and several more today.

I'm disappointed that the recent M4.3 does not have a fault-plane solution.  Judging from the weak ground motions, I think this is another one of those tension 'back-slip' earthquakes, responding to the main mechanism.  Overall, the main mechanism responds to the high horizontal stress by contracting, and this allows the back-slip.

The news articles indicate that everybody is being very Spartan about all the earthquakes, since they all work for oil companies.  They all make a big deal about the fact that injection has gone on for 18 years.  The news article goes on about how the deep space may be saturated and building pressure. Hogs Wallow!  This is all about the mix of junk going down the holes.  Azle stopped the earthquakes dead by a secret back-room deal that eliminated the frack waste.

I make no predictions, but we'll see the same slow build-up.  The whole place will light up when we finally get a real thrust earthquake, but that could be forever, or never.

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