Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cottage Report - J21

Beautiful weekend, hardly anybody went up, and the traffic was light on the way back.  I found that, before, when the gas price went way up, nobody went up just for the weekend.  I am going to officially declare a light mosquito season.  For us, they are almost totally absent.  Normally, we get clouds of them in the evening, and now barely a hum.

Horseflies and deerflies are up a bit right now.  Nothing really heavy yet.  Normally we are whapping them at the dock and feeding the fish.  The puppy has really learned to chomp them.  I've been fishing a few times for deep fish in the lake, but I've only caught a few rock bass.  We saw some big bass nests in the the shallow bay, but the bass have recently gone, and I hope they were successful.  Next week is bass season, and then I go shallow with casting.

The two peregrines in the nest are happy, and two siblings from last year are hanging around screaming all the time, perhaps hoping for a treat from Mama.

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