Thursday, June 5, 2014

Alaska armpit earthquakes unfold - M5.2

So, if I were in the foreshock business, I would say this is really unfolding as it should.  The big 7 should be coming soon, and I would say this nails it to 1 in 10.  I just realized there is a little place called Whitehorse that seems to be located on swamp.  Park your cars away from your chimneys folks.  Get your emergency kits together because your power will be off for days should the inevitable come to pass.

Now, I know I am absolutely right on the geological time scale, but who knows on the human time scale?  Humans want to know 'Are we there yet?'.  Nobody can be right on this scale.

So, if your are feeling these earthquakes strongly, then get ready as best you can.  The standard frame house will protect you, you'll just lose all your bricks.  Might be too late to get earthquake insurance but you can try.  Enjoy the ride!


This was the SOSN recording the first M5.7

And only good old Tyneside (my first) seems to have caught the 5.2  at 5:44 UTC

Update:  Seems to be all settled.  Forget I said anything.  :)  We'll roll the dice the next time!

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