Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back from Montreal

Wonderful place as long as you stay out of the city.  Big wildcat city workers strike while we were there, but we never went downtown.  Get set for another sticky summer as the new gov't tries to whittle the infinite mass of subsidies.  I'm certainly glad Ontario voted for money on trees!

While I was away, OK went nuts on Wednesday.  Lots of tiny earthquakes.  Here is a sub-blog:

Oklahoma and the Art of Chaos

Two M4+ earthquakes gave enough displacement to thoroughly rattle the whole system.  This is the beauty of non-linear discrete elements.  You can get to a state where the butterfly wings really do directly cause a storm.  Of course, therefore, by definition, you can have no idea of what will happen in the future.  You are in the firm grip of the Chaos Gods.

Ok, I just learned that if you have an LTE phone, it won't work at the cottage without setting the apn for 3g and phony 4g.  I've been thumping my head against that for a long time.

ps.  I just learned we got a big corporate trip to Hawaii.  Woo woo!  I'm going to be Denis to Margaret.  Did he ever talk?

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