Sunday, July 12, 2020

Toronto garden tips

Yeah, the big drought is over, and the grass can pop up again.  However, during the dry spell, lots of grubs are making pretty patterns.  In this day and age, you can't just juice it up with horrible poisons.  Pooey.

So I spray the grub areas with Roundup, now that California has cleared it for only $10B.  Those poor Germans!  They got hosed with Chrysler, as well.  Well, I spray a fire-break with the roundup around the grubs, then I spray the pretty patterns, so they become a nice bright dead spot.

By the time everything is dead, the roundup has broken down.  It's a big fluffy molecule that doesn't go anywhere, and the soil bacteria eat it up.  They grubs can't eat their way past the dead zone, they are like a forest fire.

When it looks like rain, I reseed those areas.  Patches of dead grass compact like concrete because the worms have left.  You need to take a pitchfork and fluff it all up before you seed.

In the garden, I make up my famous spray.  It works moderately well on the broccoli and brussels.  It doesn't do much for the apple worms, and it looks like a bad year.  Does nothing for fungus in the cherry tree.  blah.

I also spray once a week with miracle-grow.  Costco had this nice bucket with a sprayer.  The tomatoes love it.

All my tomatoes have reached the top of the poles and are still setting.  Amazing.  I always trim off all the suckers, and then clip the top when they go over the poles.  

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Penny said...

Our tomatoes are okay- the indeterminate types are tall, the determinant are in their cages. Suckers trimmed off both. Eggplants and peppers are okay.
Fighting with the squirrels to get any zucchini.
Cukes likely suffered a bit from the drought..
Will soon harvest garlic- It looks huge

Am already drying herbs- lemon balm, spearmint for tea.
Will get to peppermint. Basil. Oregano, very soon. And will dry some parsley.
A bit for tea. A bit for cooking.
Last year we saved our coriander seeds and I've been using them to cook.
Lots to do with a garden
Then will come all the tomato freezing.