Tuesday, July 7, 2020

End of our heatwave coming

It's been a glorious heatwave, with just a sprinkle of rain at the cottage.  In Toronto, everything is straw-dry, so some rain is welcome.  We'll have lots of that when the Arctic cold comes through.  I'm hoping the heat bubble will establish again.

On the 'science' front, FB has doubled down on hate, and is excluding warmie rebuttals.  Ha.

The UK is still freezing, but all the tabloids say a big heatwave is coming 'any day now'.  Ha.

On the lake, a big bass jumped right out of the water to snag a dragonfly.  I didn't get any nibbles. blah.

Also on the lake the falcons have 4 babies, all squawking.  Caw.

I'm home now, enjoying the monstrous garden and air conditioning.  Jeez that was hot at night in the tin shack, but I enjoy swimming now.  We haven't had these conditions for years.  (Could be another big warmie story.)

ps.  the Indian Ocean reversal is continuing, who knows what that means.

pps. looks like the heat is deflecting it again.

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