Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Get ready for another El Nino - NOT!


Everybody loves a doom story.  This is not going to happen.  Of course, I'll take a 'walk back' if it happens.  :)

The Pacific equatorial belt current has been like this since the collapse of Monster El Nino.

It's bleeding heat right back in a big circle.  No heat coming to the north.  The Gulf Stream is gone, so the northern currents are dead.  This leaves us with 'Default Weather' according to latitude.  Super hot summers, extremely cold winters.

Global temperatures have been plunging this year.  I'm amazed that they say the opposite.  But these are the guys 'who can't be wrong' because it's bad optics.  This, from a country where 'Being Wrong is the New Right'.

Our climate doomers want this trend to go back up, but it won't.  No ocean currents.  We, in Toronto, have been lucky to get Atlantic moisture, but it stops here for the most part.  Just ask Parry Sound 33.

The physics of the standard El Nino is that heat builds up in the Pacific islands, and then bursts back every 7 years or so.  You can see that 1997 was the former big one, and this last one was huge.  My hypothesis is that we are going back into 70's weather, so be prepared.

**nasa could have done a zillion measurements to directly define the extent of the 'greenhouse gas' but they didn't.  Because it doesn't exist!  The only thing that will throw egg on their face is that this graph plunges to the bottom of the chart.

ps.  La Nina is just an overshoot, because the North Pacific current takes time to start up again.  Not happening this time.  I'm so glad they are finally calling this last El Nino 'huge'.  I've been saying this for a long time now.

pps. Ok, Noah, chief ninnies along with nasa are predicting this based on sea surface temperatures.

Heat energy is 3d!

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